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Dog Park Boldon

Secure Paddocks for Dogs

At The Wonderful World of Dogs, our dog park near Boldon is the perfect place to enjoy time with your dog. Furthermore, our secure paddocks provide safety and ease of access from the moment you step from your car.

Our professionals also offer essential training and behaviour advice. We can support your stressed, reactive, bored or easily distracted dog.

For more information about our dog park near Boldon, call The Wonderful World of Dogs on 07825 323033.

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About Our Park

Our canine secure paddocks are approximately 3780m2 – just under 1 acre. We are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday, and 9:00am to 8:00pm Saturday and Sunday. It is important to bear in mind that owners are legally responsible for the behaviour of their own dogs. Therefore, they must be kept under control and not cause a nuisance to other park users.

In addition to this, owners must immediately clean up after their dog fouls, otherwise you will face a £75 fine. Use of the park is at your own risk and any children entering the area must always be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Moreover, if your dog shows any symptoms of being unwell, we ask that you please do not use the park.

Our prices are as follows:
1-4 dogs £10 for 50 mins
4-8 dogs £14 for 50 mins

We allow no more than 4 dogs per person as we are limited to 8 dogs at a time.

German Shepards on a Ramp

Celebrate with Dog Parties

We also host dog parties at our park. Your party can be personalised to suit your group and we cater to all abilities. Furthermore, we can accommodate for groups of up to 10. The Wonderful World of Dogs offers a package to suit all breeds.

We welcome our customers to come and have a look around and see the parks. Invite friends and treat your dog and celebrate their birthday in style. To book your session, please visit our booking page.

Dog in Tunnel

About Boldon & the Local Area

Boldon consists of three villages in the North East of England. There are many things to see and do around the local area. On a rainy afternoon, you could enjoy a film at Cineworld or a game of tenpin bowling at Riverside Bowling.

Additionally, pay a visit to South Shields Museum and Art Gallery where the rich heritage of South Tyneside is celebrated. Segdenunum Roman Fort and Museum is a major site on Hadrian’s Wall and is the most excavated fort along the Wall. Explore a part of history.

There are many places to eat around Boldon. Whether you fancy a pub lunch or a fish and chips from the local takeaway, there is something for everyone.

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For more information about our dog park near Boldon, contact The Wonderful World of Dogs. You can call us today on 07825 323033. Alternatively, you can send us a message through the contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.

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