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Our Furry Reviews

Have a Look at what our Furry Friends Thought about our Park

Absolutely brilliant place to take your dog(s). We’ve been twice now and will certainly be continuing to go. Easy to book; very easy to find, park up and get in; excellent facilities such as water and bowl, seating, shade etc; fields very well set out, sturdy equipment in the agility field. All round excellent 🤩 well worth a visit, very highly recommended!

Joanne CairnsVery highly recommended!

Pups had a great time this morning on the agility field , easy to book and easy access and parking. We will definitely be back

Vikki WightmanPups had a great time

Will definitely be back here, our dogs have had a whale of a time and it’s nice knowing they’re safe and secure within the field

Chenise RedshawWill definitely be back here

What a great idea! Just got back with my two GSD's and they are paggered. Can't thank you enough for letting us come along and use your facilities, the agility kit is well kept and the hour flew by while they where having fun. Will recommend you to anyone who needs an enclosed open space, or anyone who wants somewhere to take their dog it was fab. Thank you

Alex McDougallWhat a great idea!

Had our first visit today in the agility Park. Lilly isn't very agile and refused to even try 🤣 She loved being off the lead and it was great to know she was safe to run around. We'll definitely be back

Ruth CoyneShe loved being off the lead

First time we visited today and the dogs loved it. we get a lot of people being funny becasue we have bulldogs, so them being able to run free is brilliant.

Jodie DouglassDogs loved it

We had our first trip on Monday and we loved it! Can’t wait to go back! Very clean and safe! Great for energetic and spontaneous dogs!

Devon HewsonCan’t wait to go back!

Absolutely brilliant play area. The ease of knowing your alone safe and your dog can freely run is the best. With added play toys. Tilly had a fabulous time she is normally so nervous of things and other dogs around her so it’s ideal.

Carly SimmsAbsolutely brilliant play area

Having a large dog it’s very hard to find places to let them off lead safely. The fields are fabulous! We used the agility field and I feel after a few trips Bear will get fitter, have better recall and hopefully manage to last the hour 😂. I would recommend taking a cup of tea as benches are provided. Water tank is also available for your dog to get a drink.

Gemma Louise TubbritThe fields are fabulous

Bubba thoroughly enjoyed his run about tonight! Would highly recommend🥰
Staff so lovely and helpful and a great place to let your pooches let loose and burn off all their energy!!

Alana BellStaff so lovely

1st trip there and it was great. My dog loved it, we will definitely be back. Lovely big enclosed safe space.

Donna LilleyMy dog loved it

We loved the agility field today. Perfect for our energetic dog to run free! We will deffo be back 💖

Jill ButlerWe loved the agility field today

2nd trip to the park today. Pablo absolutely loves it here. Fab space. All enclosed. He loves it

Kayleigh BrownPablo absolutely loves it here

Took Maisie for the first time today, she's never been off the lead so I was nervous but its so secure and she really enjoyed herself!! Will definitely be back

Megan GallowayShe really enjoyed herself

Booked my first slot yesterday for late on in the day it was great! Great amount of space to let my pup off lead and run around in, he thoroughly enjoyed it! Booked to go again in a couple of weeks this time with 2 dogs and in the agility section - can't wait! definitely recommend this place. Very friendly and quick response to enquiries!

Leah PorterVery friendly

Lunas second trip up here and she absolutely loves it! It’s great to be able to let her run free and burn off all of her excess puppy energy!

Megan HarrisonShe absolutely loves it!

First time going today and my boy enjoyed it will be going back

Jaimie LeadbitterMy boy enjoyed it

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